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More than 10 years ago the first website in our portfolio,,  was founded by senior communications manager Gillian Nissim in 2006 after the birth of her second child. She found herself and many of her friends in a similar position, needing flexible yet challenging work, but not being able to find it. She decided to bridge the gap between those employers who were able to offer flexibility, whether that was full-time work with flexi hours or some homeworking or part-time work or any other form of flexible working, and parents who were seeking flexible positions. Since then it the business has grown significantly, alongside a shift in how families manage home and working life - and the changing challenges organisations face in retaining and recruiting new talent. More than ever there is a focus towards enabling dads to be more involved with parenting by supporting them in finding flexible jobs, as well as encouraging more fathers to take Shared Parental Leave and other schemes. was launched in early 2019 to cater for this.

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