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Dubbed the “pregnancy bible,” the iconic New York Times bestseller (currently over 675 weeks on the list) is now in its all-new fourth edition, with over 18 million copies in print. USA Today named it one of the most influential books of the last 25years — reporting, too, that it is read by 93 percent of women who read a pregnancy book. Other titles in the series include Eating Well When You’re Expecting, What to Expect® the First Year (now in its brand new third edition, with over 10.5 million copies in print. In 2005, Heidi expanded the What to Expect® (WTE) brand online with WhatToExpect.com. Filled with the latest in pregnancy and parenting information and news – presented with What to Expects trademark warmth, humor, and empathy — the site is also home to a close-knit community of more than 13 million moms worldwide. WhatToExpect.com sees a new post from a parent every three seconds.

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