To Save A Life
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Our mission is simple: We want to help hurting teens and young adults find hope and healing through the power of the Gospel. That’s why we’re on a constant search for high-quality, cause-driven, inspiring stories that have the power to touch hearts and change minds. Whether it’s dealing head-on with bullying, encouraging those who struggle with anxiety and depression, giving hope to the addicted and abused or providing practical steps for suicide prevention, our passion is to see a generation captured by their true identity in Christ. Because the struggle is real. 37% of teens do not fully know their identity yet. 50% of teens state they have personally struggled with mental illness at some point. 46% of teenagers say they have “contemplated” suicide. 44% of teens skip meals as a tactic to losing or controlling weight. 91% of teens have been a victim of bullying. Stats found here. Behind these stats are real people dealing with real issues looking for real hope. We launched to share stories that matter—stories of hope, healing and redemption. CHRIST is the answer. He brings HOPE to the darkest situations. Let’s share that knowledge with the world—one person at a time. You in? Sign up for our daily newsletter to stay connect & follow us on Facebook for the most current stories.

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