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You know how sequels tend to be a bit of a flop, piggybacking off the success of the predecessor that launched the name to fame? Well, we’re breaking that status quo. TheVine is officially back baby and we’re proud to say that we’re bigger and stronger than ever. Originally part of the Fairfax network, TheVine is now fuelled by an independent collective of 20-somethings who keep themselves awake with a shit-tonne of coffee to bring you the latest in movies, music, tv, celebrity and popular culture before anyone else. Thanks to the love and support of all our new fans and visitors, this ol’ girl has never looked better with over a million Aussies feeding on the grains of our content each month. During the ungodly hours TheVine team are here, trawling the interwebs to bring you the latest pop-culture insights sprinkled with gifs, memes and the odd viral clip. We’re also in overdrive, building up our video team to bring you original series, video recaps and yes, more Bachelorette recaps.

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