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Redesign Report is a website dedicated to the art of design and visualization from all facets of everyday life. We aspire to stimulate and inspire the minds of our readers with articles on architecture, interior design, landscaping, and even in the designs that make their way into our subconscious through media and marketing. While our interests are varied, there is one thing we guarantee to be consistent: our posts willalways be visual-centric. None of the images on Redesign Revolution are owned by us unless stated otherwise. If we have posted your images and you would like them removed or the source changed, please just let us know, and it will be taken down or edited immediately. Whether it’s DIY tutorials or scouting the interwebs for the latest in unique home accessories, Redesign Report brings you the most up-to-date findings. We cover everything from home and interiors to inspiring art projects and even the latest in tech. We believe that in order to get the most out of the world of design, you need to have a well-rounded vision of the field – getting a perspective from every angle – whether it’s featuring a renowned architect or a smaller scale Etsy seller with tons of potential. While many people think design and all its facets are not for everyone, we aim to make it accessible for a wide range of people from crafty moms to artsy college kids. We want to show you how the world of art and design really is for everyone.

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