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Anne Murphy is the founder and creator of Domesblissity.
After blogging for 5 years, Anne decided to put a lifetime’s worth of knowledge into the H.O.M.E. Program. The H.O.M.E. Program stands for Homemaking, Organising, Making-Do Education. Anne wants to educate people on how to keep house, cook from scratch, substitute ingredients, have a plentiful pantry so you’ll never go hungry, organise your home life, budget, save and make do by recycling and reusing. Just like in our grandparent’s day but with the convenience of 21st century time saving inventions. On the Domesblissity web site you’ll find heaps of family friendly, fast, frugal and tasty recipes that use seasonal, fresh, basic ingredients. Cooking and baking is Anne’s ‘happy place’ and being able to produce hearty, homely, freshly baked goods for her family is calming and fulfilling. There are plenty of tips and hints on how to use ingredients up if you have an oversupply, how houseworkdoesn’t have to be a mundane chore, how to make things for the home and your family plus makeover and renovation projects. The Domesblissity door is always open and you’re all welcome.

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