About UnrulyX

The viewable video SSP, delivering premium video impressions to a global audience via Unruly’s user-friendly formats.

With comScore reporting that fewer than half of all video ads are actually seen by users, UnrulyX is the first supply-side platform (SSP) to guarantee the viewability of highly-targeted video impressions bought programmatically. UnrulyX inventory is sourced through direct publisher relationships and is integrated with Unruly Shield, our market-leading suite of brand safety and anti-fraud systems. It’s 100% transparent and all ads are delivered via Unruly’s user-friendly native In-Feed and outstream In-Article formats.

UnrulyX is connected to multiple demand-side platforms (DSPs), and Unruly’s unique viewable video inventory can be bought programmatically by all major agency trading desks. UnrulyX video ads are VAST/VPAID supported, and available via open auction RTB or private marketplaces.